Judy Spiller for Town Council

Keeping Kittery Small, Affordable, and Green

The major issues we face are protecting our small town character, keeping the town affordable, and addressing  the issues associated with climate change. The  issues are, of course, all related. Growth in the Boston area has fueled growth in our area. It has revived our Foreside downtown, a good thing, and increased property values, helping with the tax burden – another good thing. But on the down side, it has pushed longtime residents out an d continues to raise the specter of becoming an extension of Portsmouth. And very importantly, it has placed rents and home prices beyond the reach of those historically attracted to Kittery. How the Town Council responds to these issues as it guides growth, responds to increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather, and contains costs without compromising livability over the next few years — will shape our small town character and the cost of living in Kittery.

Why Vote for Me

  • 15 years experience on the Kittery Town Council, 5 as chair
  • Consistent support for our schools, our environment, and our neighborhoods 
  • Known for exercising respect for fellow councilors, residents, and town employees
  • Focused on seeking solutions to the important issues Kittery faces concerning growth and affordability

If elected, the issues I will focus on

  • Developing a climate action plan for Kittery
  • Reducing congestion (Ship Yard and weekend travelers)
  • Increasing pedestrian and cycling friendliness on our roads (slowing traffic)
  • Encouraging thoughtful growth of the Foreside that balances retail and residential
  • Protecting Seapoint/Crescent beaches and Fort Foster from overuse
  • Expanding open space in strategic areas
  • Continued effort to expand opportunities for low-income housing limiting

Seeking opportunities with surrounding communities to share services and so control costs

See you at the Kittery Community Center on Election Day – November 2  

Contact me at:  judyspiller43@gmail.com or 207.439.0637